We have invested in the finest precision machinery produced by world-class Machine Tool Manufacturers. Our diversity of equipment allows our Manufacturing Engineers to design processes to produce every component and assembly in the most efficient and economical manner possible to very close tolerances. Using highly-trained engineers and skilled machinists operating multiple shifts, our company produces the highest quality and finest workmanship.

Regulations Compliant

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

IATF Capabiliies APQP & PPAP

Laser Engraving

Complete Programming and CAD/CAM Facility

Complete Job Control with Barcode Tracking

Manufacturing Engineering

Assemblies and Sub Assemblies

SolidWorks Capabilities

Micro Deburring (10x)

Managed Processes


Electroless Nickel Plating

Bright Nickel Plating

Gold Plating

Zinc Plating

Black Oxide


Alodine-Chem Film

Silver Plating

Heat Treating

Stress Relieving

NDT Testing


Powder Coat

Rubber Coating



Laser Cutting

Gun Drilling