We have implemented and maintain the IATF requirements for APQP and PPAP. Within the quality realm, where specifications, prints, purchase orders, finished parts, and customer expectations come together, NewEra has over 50 years combined experience. Our support team of QMS Manager, Quality Manager, Quality Control, and extensive quality processes gives us a cutting edge with the Aerospace, Medical and Recreational industries for a precision product.

Maintaining the industries most advanced inspection equipment and environmentally controlled inspection and acceptance areas, NewEra maintains a total Quality process. Each new employee undergoes an extensive and rigorous training in the Quality Arena before fitting them into the manufacturing process.

Maintaining a positive relationship between Department Leaders, Manufacturing Personnel, Customers and Suppliers, NewEra has a team committed to Quality.

Quality Control System

Brown & Sharpe

CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine
Work Piece Size 20" x 28" x 20"
PC DMIS Software


Coordinate Measuring Machine
Work Piece Size 28" x 24" x 18"
PC DMIS Software

Brown & Sharpe
Global Performance

CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine
Work Piece Size 35" x 47" x 31"
PC DMIS Software


Surface Finish Tester
Fully Computerized with Output and SPC Capabilities


Optical Comparator

Optiv M

Vision System

Marr Federal
Digimar 817 CLM Height Gage

Up to 24"

Granite Surface Plates

Up to 48" x 72"

Precision Gage Blocks

Ranging up to 8" length, 0.0001" increments

Federal Dimensionair Air Gages

O.D. and I.D. gaging to 6" Diameter
Accuracy 0.00005"

Full SPC Computer Program

With Implementation Software and Hardware

Micrometer Sets

Ranging from 0"-1" up to 11"-12"

Digital, Dial and Vernier Calipers

Ranging up to 7' length of measurement

Thread Plug and Ring Gages

Full Selection for Standard and Special Threads

Deltronic Pin Gages

Ranging in sizes from 0.011" - 1" Diameter

Precision Fixturing Components

For Inspection Points Setups

Sunnen Precision I.D. Gage

Accuracy to 0.00005"


For 10X Inspection